Apply for Garage+ Starship Program

Before you fill out the form, please note that:

  1. You will have to upload aPowerPoint deck.The content must include:
    1. Management Team
    2. Value Proposition
    3. Product or Service
    4. Marketing Strategy
    5. Financial Plan
    6. Resources you are looking for.

  2. If your deck doesn't have all the items above, we may consider the materials insufficient and will need you to send us a complete one.

  3. A demo video or pitch video & product photos are preferred.

  4. Please feel free to fill out the form with the language you prefer (Chinese/English)
  1. 請輸入 Company's name
  2. Please type the city name directly, the system will directly determine the country location you typed.( if your doesn't here, you can type by yourself. )
    請輸入 where your company locates
  3. Multiple
    請選擇 Industrial sector
  4. 請輸入 Company introduction within 100 words
  5. 請輸入 Contact person's name
  6. 請輸入 Contact person's title
  7. 請輸入 Contact person's email address
  8. 請輸入 Contact person's number
  9. 請輸入 Company's website link
  10. 請輸入 How many members in your company? What is everyone's role?
  11. 請輸入 Money raised (in USD)
  12. 請輸入 When did you launch your product or service? Please describe the current traction, including how many clients and how much were your sales (in USD)
  13. 請輸入 Please describe any international activities your company has engaged in to date. If applicable, please emphasize any past experiences in your target market.
  14. 請輸入 Who are your competitors in your target market? What differentiates your company from others?
  15. Multiple
    請選擇 Resources you are looking for
  16. 請輸入 If you are looking for investors, please describe next round fundraising amount and your financial for this round.
  17. We will see whether we can help your company to reach the target customers/partners.
    請輸入 Outline your target customer/partner profile in Taiwan. Please include the following in your answer: Company, size, industry, etc. When detailing your customer/partner profile, who inside the company are you planning on selling to (CEO, CTO, Director of Operations, etc)
  18. 1. Please use "COMPANY NAME" as the file name. 2. A demo/pitch video & product photos are preferred. 3. The documents will only be used for review process.
  19. Multiple
  20. 請輸入 Referrer
  21. 請輸入 Referrer's Email address
  22. 請輸入 Referrer's Contact number